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Lupus alpha achieves top position in Capital Fonds Kompass for fourth successive year

Named in the top three specialist providers once again. Sixth out of 100 in overall ranking.

In the Capital Fonds Kompass, Lupus alpha once again placed extremely well for the fourth successive year after top results in the three previous years. As in 2020, the Frankfurt-based asset management company placed third in a group of 50 specialist providers, earning a five-star rating. The provider of specialist investment solutions was ranked sixth out of 100 in the overall ranking.

Frankfurt, February 18th, 2021: In its annual ‘Capital Fonds Kompass’ ranking, German business magazine Capital assesses 50 universal providers and 50 specialist providers by product range, management and service to form an overall picture of the performance of these fund companies. The results are combined to reach an overall verdict and then placed into an overall ranking.

“When it comes to focused specialists and active managers like Lupus alpha, investors expect consistent outperformance,” said Ralf Lochmüller, CEO and Managing Partner of Lupus alpha, in response to the Company staying among the market leaders. “We have once again met these expectations and are glad that this is reflected in another strong result in the Capital Fonds Kompass.”

Even in the exceptionally challenging capital market year of 2020, truly active managers were able to play to their strengths, with three of Lupus alpha’s five strategies in the European small and mid cap segment enjoying their best year since launch. Yet even more defensive investment strategies exceeded expectations in this challenging trading year. These included convertible bonds, which offer a certain degree of protection against losses without preventing investors from taking advantage of rising equity prices. Lupus alpha’s funds provided impressive proof of this in 2020 with a performance of around 20%. Strategies with defined protection limits offered even greater protection from volatile stock markets in 2020. For example, the Lupus alpha Return (ISIN DE000A0MS726) capital preservation strategy achieved a gain of 5.48% in 2020 with an interim maximum loss of 8.79%. In view of growing investor interest in hedging concepts, Lupus alpha supplemented this strategy with a sustainable version in December 2020 with the Lupus alpha Sustainable Return (ISIN DE000A2DTNX3) fund.

Overall, assets under management at Lupus alpha rose even amid the coronavirus crisis in 2020 to reach approximately EUR 13 billion in special funds and mutual funds.